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Build your network to ensure growth

If you're serious about your startup, building your network is what you need to think of. You covered the basics of making money online by building your website and filling it with great content, time to take things to the next level. Without a network, you won't be able to keep growing. You network will proof to be crucial in building an extended link network, but much more important, in setting up partnerships and in becoming an authority in your field.



Build your network



Build your network

Alright, so how do I build my network? That depends much on what niche you're in, but it always comes to one thing; meeting and being acquainted with the right people. You can get in touch with them through Social Media, but meeting them in person during events/lectures/etc will be much more effective in building relationships.


Attending events

Most likely there will be many events you can think of that are relevant to your startup. Try to find out which events are held near you and attend them. Cover them on your blog, conduct interviews, make a film, talk about it on your social media, etc. Or hire a stand and present yourself. Know which people are important for your network and try to meet them.


Build your online network

Post comments on influential articles written on your field. Engage in discussions. Email the author with an intelligent question. Start conversations!


Join or start a workshop or masterclass

Join lectures, workshops or masterclasses or even start one yourself. Engage in discussions or introduce topics to discuss in which you know you can make a contribution.



Build and solidify your Social Network

I can't say this enough, Social Networks are key success factors to your startup and you need to take them very serious. Engage with your followers/fans, start discussions, ask them for their opinion and connect with people important to you. Building your Social network can benefit the expansion of your 'offline' network.


My website was quite famous and had a lot of traffic, but it really took off when my network started to become well established. Partnerships I benefit from as well as media coverage are all the result of my personal network.




Network; check!

You understand the importance of your network,

let's start looking at ways to start earning more!

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