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Becoming an authority in your field

Now that you have your website all set up and started to make money online, it is time to start thinking ahead. At this point, growing your business further is not about getting more links and not about creating more content, it is about becoming an authority in your field. Once you reach a certain level of authority, it will be much easier to exchange links, set up partnerships and keep building your dream.


How to gain authority in your niche

Becoming an authority has much to do with your personal as well as your startup's branding. You will need to find ways to have people blog about you, write about your startup and trust your expert opinion. It will depend largely on what niche you are in, but think about it, what do you need to do to build your brand? Here's a few options to get you started:


Guest blogging

Guest blogging is one of the first things you need to think about at this point. Yes, you will be creating content for others (maybe even for your competitors), but it can do much good. You reach new audiences, share what you have to say and probably you are allowed to mention your latest cool piece of content on your website.

But how do you become a guest blogger? You will need to use your personal network and pitch your proposition as a win-win situation. Send them an article you think they might like, or an outline, to generate interest in your work.

If your personal network is not yet established, read our article on how to build your network. In this case, try to get in touch through Social Media and start creating a relationship. Ask questions through email or discuss a point that is of interest to both you and the blog owner; until you are comfortable with making your pitch.



Writing an eBook

Writing an eBook can be a great way to build your brand, but it all depends on the quality of your content. If it's good and you manage to promote your eBook well, you might just reach audiences you'd never be able to reach with your website. Read our article on making money with selling an eBook for more information.



My website was doing fine but at a certain point it became hard to keep it growing. I started putting more effort in growing my Social Media and getting my brandname out there; this did wonders and opened up all kinds of new opportunities!




Using your Social Media

Social Media are incredibly large networks and you have direct access to them. Use them as a platforms for your thoughts and ideas, start discussions and communicate with your followers. The more active you are and the more interesting the things you say and share, the more loyal your following will become. This is brand building and networking at the same time.



Using your Newsletter

Sending out newsletters to your subscribers can be great way to gain authority in your field. But it has to be interesting. Sharing only updates from your website will not do it, but if you send out a monthly newsletter with lots of cool and interesting information, links and ideas, that might just work.



Alright, what's next?

You know how to gain authority and understand why you need it.

Well done, now let's look at how you can grow your network.

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