eBook; making money online

eBook: making money online

"I went through steep learning curves to build and monetize my websites. It was about time a guide was written to explain the steps towards making money online, and here it is. Stop hesitating, start today!"


So what's in it?

  • The steps from building a website to successful monetization
  • Info on making a site, registering social media, doing marketing and making money
  • 114 pages of information, with over 50 illustrations
  • Bonus material: case studies and quotes by experts
  • Startup coaching: the author can help you through email support!


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Take a look inside!


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Other books promise a great deal, this book is the first I read that actually delivers. The author is honest about the hard work it takes to make money online, but he is motivational at the same time.

Joris, sailacrosstheocean.com

Well designed and well put together. This book is a great guide to get started with building, marketing and monetizing a website. Loved the graphics!

Tico, kohezi.com