Earn more

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Welcome to the final step: adding additional methods to Monetize your Website

Last step already. This is where we start looking at additional ways to make money with your website. Think about writing an eBook, creating an online course or starting a webshop.



The articles in Step 6:


How to write an eBook and make money

Writing an eBook can be a great way to monetize your website. Yes, it'll be a lot of work to create and publish your book, but the rewards can be substantial. Your eBook sales will boost your monetization efforts but also help you to increase your authority.

So how do you write an eBook? How do you publish it? And how do you make it successful? Let's get started.


How to create an Online Course and make money

Creating an online course is a lot of work. You need to create the course material (that usually means several lectures/movies as well as learning materials), set up your eLearning platform and do your marketing. Having said that, it truly is a great way to make money online and it will help you gain authority in your field as well.

So how do you make and sell your online course? Let's get started.


Starting an Online Store and making money

Starting an online shop is a lot of work and it requires an ongoing effort, but I consider it the ultimate way to monetize your website and the potential can be significant. Since it's so much work you need to think about what exactly you would have to set up and what your ongoing efforts will be, and decide if it'll be worth your time. I don't want to put you off, but I do want you to be realistic. Let's get to it.