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Adding creative content

We all agree that a picture is worth a thousand words. Why is it then, that people create mostly text-based articles? Sure, some topics can be presented graphically easier than others, but it still doesn't make sense. Clearly, you can get ahead of your competition by adding creative content, like infographics, flow diagrams and movies.


Adding creative content to your site

Creative content can be a great feature for your site and set you apart from your competitors. What I hear a lot is that people find it difficult to come up with ideas how they can make their website more graphical, but it really isn't that difficult. Even topics that you would expect to be text-oriented can benefit substantially from graphics.

Let's look at a few examples to help you:


  • Italian Food recipes
    This one is easy right? I can think of stunning food photos, graphics of what ingredients you need to make pasta sauce, movies or an infographic that tells me about the basics of the Italian cuisine.

  • Web scripting languages (HTML, PHP, etc.)
    A more challenging example. But still, I can think of many examples of how to present it creatively. Perhaps an infographic to explain me the very basics of HTML and its history, or a flow diagram to show the most important features of PHP.

  • How to do your bookkeeping
    Nice! This one is tricky. I might hire a graphic designer to create illustrations of the steps involved at bookkeeping (keeping receipts, a filled binder, my software and a calculator) so that I can make my text a bit less 'boring' by adding graphics. Or I would create a graphic with a calendar with the yearly tasks on it. Or again, an infographic about the steps involved in bookkeeping.


If this didn't help, go to Google images and type in the topic you would like to add creative content for. Most likely, you will get some ideas there. And you can even overcome your creativity block by outsourcing it; ask a graphic designer to create graphics for your article and let him decide how to do it.



Types of creative content

Alright, let's look at the different types of creative and graphical content:



My favorite way of presenting information. Infographics are tall graphics that explain data in an almost purely graphical way; the key is to use as little text as possible. It helps your visitors understand the basics of a topic, before diving into it.

Look at examples herehere and many more here.



Creative content; infographic   Creative content; adding flowcharts
Part of an infographic (left) and making a flowchart with (right).



Stunning visuals

Visuals are graphics that complement your texts. Look at the homepage of this site; there are a lot of visuals there to help make the text more obvious. Think about the topics you write about, and how you can enrich those texts with graphics and icons. WeGraphics is a website with some cool examples, but it might make more sense to hire a graphic designer on Fiverr.


Flow charts

A great way to structure your articles (or even entire website) is to add flow diagrams. You find them on this site, showing you in what step you currently are. There are several platforms that enable you to create flow charts for free, one of them is



Possibly the best, surely the most difficult graphic to create. Movies help to explain complex content and make your website more personal and trustworthy. Movies can take shape as a tutorial (with you explaining things) but also as introductions (just look at our homepage movie).



I hired a graphic designer to make an infographic for me. Immediately after adding it to my site it got featured on Reddit and many blogs covered it, with a link to my site. This turned out to be the best link strategy ever and even better, my website visitors loved it!




Where can I hire someone to create my graphics?

My favorite platform is Fiverr, and you can literally find anything here. Most gigs cost $5, more complex jobs will cost more. Just browse their website and I'm sure you will be inspired. The movie on this website's homepage was also made by people from Fiverr (the voiceover and the movie were separate gigs).



Got graphics, what's next?

I hope I inspired you to add creative content!

You have now completed step 2! Next up; attracting visitors.

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