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Welcome to step two of making money online: Creating Content.

In this step we start with an analysis of your website's topic to reveal its most important keywords; this keyword analysis will be useful to come up with a list of article ideas, topics that you will need to generate content for.

The next step is to start writing articles that are suitable for online-reading and that have good structure. Apart from writing I encourage you to add creative content as well, like infographics, charts or even movies.



The articles in Step 2:


Keyword analysis; understanding your future visitors

Welcome to the Geek step. This is where I will guide you through a straightforward process of analyzing your startup idea to find out what topics are central to your idea, a step absolutely crucial to the success of your entire website. It will enable you to create content people are looking for and it will help you get that content ranked well in Google.


From keywords to content; making the big list

In the previous step (keyword analysis) we arrived at a big list of keywords and their search volumes. Some startup websites don't need to create content in the form of articles, but without doubt, most do. So let's take the keyword analysis one step further to create our to-do list in terms of content that we need to create.


How to write articles for your website

Most money making guru's would have named this article "SEO writing" or "Making your articles SEO proof". SEO means Search Engine Optimization and put simple, it means optimizing your site to rank well in Google. So why am I naming this article "How to write articles for your website"? Because your articles are not written for Google, your articles are written for visitors. They need to like your work, be able to scan your texts quickly as well as read your entire texts conveniently.


Adding creative content

We all agree that a picture is worth a thousand words. Why is it then, that people create mostly text-based articles? Sure, some topics can be presented graphically easier than others, but it still doesn't make sense. Clearly, you can get ahead of your competition by adding creative content, like infographics, flow diagrams and movies.