Build a site

Step 1: Build websiteStep 2: Create contentStep 3: Attract visitorsStep 4: Make moneyStep 5: Grow your businessStep 6: Earn more


Welcome to the first step of making money online: Building a Website.

In this first step we start with your startup idea. What is the topic you are passionate about, solves a problem, and most important; leads to profits? Generating ideas and arriving at that one topic is what we start with. Next up is the registration of a domain name and as we will find out, this is an important step for your startup.

Once we have a domain name we can finally start working on creating a website, either by building it with a Content Management System or by using a website builder service. We also need to select a template (the design of your website) and make sure you track your visitors by enabling website statistics. Finally, we register the social media channels for your startup.



The articles in Step 1:


Idea generation; getting the perfect startup idea

Welcome to the first and most exciting step of making money online; selecting your startup idea. Since you have looked for- and found this page, chances are you have been walking around with ideas for some time but a) don't know how to proceed, b) hesitate if your idea is the right one, c) don't know which of your ideas is best or d) have no idea yet and need some help to get started. So let's get to it.


Getting a domain name and hosting

Now that we have your startup idea figured out, it's time to get you a name. With the great importance of a good URL, your name will depend on the availability of a domain name instead of the other way around. Let's get started.


How to create your website

Welcome to the big step of creating your website. Many options are available, but it all depends on what your requirements are. Start with asking yourself; what do I need for my website? Will it be a simple tutorial website, a page with much visitor interaction, or even a full swing eCommerce website? If you don't have much experience yet, try to keep things simple and don't underestimate the complexity of building a website.


Picking a website template for your CMS

In the previous step we discussed the options you have for building a website; using a Content Management System (CMS) or a Website Builder service. When you have chosen a Website Builder service you need to select a template that they offer. This page with help you to select a good template for your startup idea, but this page is mostly written for those that work with a CMS like Joomla! or WordPress.


Tracking website visitors with statistics

Once your site is up and running you need to start gathering data about your visitors. Who are they, where do they come from, how did they find your website and how do they navigate your site? All this data can be used get to know your customers, so you can improve your site and your online business. But how do we get these insights?


Social Media; claiming your urls

Social Media channels like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and Google+ can be of great importance to your online startup. It helps to build your brand, to attract awareness, in getting visitors and sometimes to make money directly. It will depend a little bit on your specific startup idea to decide which channels matter, but be sure to take this step serious. Social Media matters.