Make money

I take you from building a website to monetizing it successfully in 6 steps.

Step 1; build websiteStep 2; create contentStep 3; attract visitorsStep 4; make moneyStep 5; grow your businessStep 7; earn more

Build a site

Step 1: Build a site

In this step I will guide you through important decisions regarding the topic selection and idea generation, choosing a domain name, building your site and claiming your social media channels. The exciting first step of making money online!

Create content

Step 2: Create content

Time to start creating valuable content. We start with analyzing your selected topic; what keywords are important to it? How do I write texts for an online website? And we focus on creative content like infographics, tutorials, etc.

Attract visitors

Step 3: Attract visitors

Now that we have a website stuffed with content, it’s time to focus on getting visitors. I explain the basics of linkbuilding and utilizing social media for your business.

Start making money

Step 4: Start making money

Once you have visitors, it’s time to start monetizing your website. In this step we focus on the two most important money makers; advertisements and affiliate marketing.

Grow your business

Step 5: Grow your business

Time to take things one step further; if you want to increase your earning potential you need to become an authority in your business and grow your network, both online and offline.

Earn more

Step 6: Earn more

Finally, let’s take a look at other ways to monetize your website. Think about writing an eBook and publishing it on Amazon and iBooks, create an online course, start a webshop, etc.



"I went through steep learning curves to build and monetize my websites. It was about time a guide was written to explain the steps towards making money online, and here it is. Stop hesitating, start today with step 1"

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